Grassroots Response to West Virginia’s Water Crisis

I have been wishing more people knew about the amazing work happening in Appalachia these days. I then remembered that wishing isn’t very useful without accompanying action, so I wrote about it myself. Thanks to all my awesome friends and fellow activists who helped!

This article in Waging Nonviolence focuses on the non-stop organizing people are doing for clean water following the January 9th chemical spill in West Virginia. Here’s a little excerpt:

In the seven weeks since the disaster that has left 300,000 people unsure about the safety of their water, confusion and anger have mounted, and an estimated 400 people have been sent to the hospital. While government and industry have been slow to respond to the needs of the people, some remarkable community organizing has taken place, drawing on West Virginia’s long, proud history of grassroots work for environmental and economic justice — including powerful work against the abuses of the chemical and coal industries responsible for the spill.


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