We believe that when people work together in honest, depthy and democratic ways, they are smarter and more strategic.

Round Robin is a forum for facilitators to share best practices and favorite facilitation techniques and exercises that worked – as well as facilitation puzzles they are working through.

It is also a place to share some thoughts they’ve been thinking about how humans work together with other humans to get things done.

A note on copyrights and copylefts – facilitation and movement building is an organic craft that borrows all the time to grow. It is both very personal and pretty generic.  It is also something many people are making their living by.  That is to say, the exercises on this blog are likely very similar to those you’ve seen elsewhere.  We try to honor our sources but sometimes we don’t know or remember them, and so if you see exercises that other folks are doing very similarly, it would be so lovely if you help us by pointing that out in the comments or elsewhere so we can lift up and learn from their work.

Have something to add?  We want to hear your smarty pants thoughts and funny jokes.

Want to workshop a facilitation puzzle or find a facilitator to work with for an event? Contact us.


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