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Emotions Matter – That’s Why Oppressors Try To Ignore Them

A friend linked up this article¬†on the oppressive subtexts at work when men dismiss women’s behavior as “crazy.” ¬†While this abusive behavior is certainly present in many relationships, it is also a big part of how I understand our society’s attitude towards marginalized communities. I have been in multiple meetings with decision-makers or ‘sympathetic allies’ … Continue reading

Theory of Change Exercise

While there are many things that create tension and lead to lack of trust in coalition work, I think that differing Theories of Change are at the root of a lot of the bumps in the road I’ve come across. That is to say, what do you think is the most strategic path to victory? … Continue reading

Problem Tree Facilitation Exercise

I like this exercise at the beginning of Anti-Oppression trainings, as way to explain why we need to talk about root causes of injustice, and to give a picture of some of the ways intersectionality works. This is also nice as a part of organizing or campaign strategy trainings, to get people to think about … Continue reading

How Will You Escalate Your Campaign?

This one hour exercise was developed by Katey Lauer and Dana Kuhnline for the February 2013 Power Up! Divestment Conference. 5 min Why we are talking about this: Two central elements of a campaign are a target and an ask The target is the person you are pressuring and the ask is the thing you … Continue reading