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Emotions Matter – That’s Why Oppressors Try To Ignore Them

A friend linked up this article on the oppressive subtexts at work when men dismiss women’s behavior as “crazy.”  While this abusive behavior is certainly present in many relationships, it is also a big part of how I understand our society’s attitude towards marginalized communities. I have been in multiple meetings with decision-makers or ‘sympathetic allies’ … Continue reading

Anger as Diagnosis

I was at a meeting once, and the facilitator was gathering shared values to act as guidelines for an upcoming project.  Someone tossed up a value that, “We work from a place of love.” Or something nice like that.  I was down with the concept. Then someone else piped up and said, “Umm, no, I … Continue reading

Holding a Space for Grief

Many recent tragic events made me polish up these thoughts and press the publish button. There is a lovely and timely piece on grief here that you may find interesting. There are many grief counselors and facilitators with more skills and expertise than me to discuss how groups can hold and deal with the trauma … Continue reading