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I Say These Things Alot

I’m excited to be a part of an on-line organizing guide coming out in July 2013. I am writing up a 1,000 word chapter about facilitating meetings – aka how humans can talk to other humans in person off-line. ┬áThe chapter is due soon so I thought I’d spend some time digging into the slightly … Continue reading

Facilitating Yourself

Today I had a hard time concentrating, for a variety of typical reasons. If I was facilitating a meeting and everyone was as restless and distracted as I was today, I would have called for a break and recommended a walk around the building, perhaps guided some basic stretches or a facilitated game where folks … Continue reading

Holding a Space for Grief

Many recent tragic events made me polish up these thoughts and press the publish button. There is a lovely and timely piece on grief here that you may find interesting. There are many grief counselors and facilitators with more skills and expertise than me to discuss how groups can hold and deal with the trauma … Continue reading

I Need To Make An Announcement!

You can’t have people in the same space for long without needing to make an announcement. But for serious y’all, announcements can be one of the most painful times in meetings. “Uhh, pretty sure there was another thing we needed to know, Jimmy, didn’t you have something to add about the registration table? Is Jimmy … Continue reading